MeetEm is the Pay-Per-Virtual Meeting platform gives users access to previously inaccessible vetted advisors in the Business of Entertainment, Music, Sports, TV, Media, Tech, Marketing, and Finance.

Those looking to get a music, sports, tv, or entertainment business idea off the ground know very well that gaining access to the right people can be a challenge.  But a new video meeting platform, MeetEm, is looking to change that by giving its users access to experts and various industry insiders they have never had access to before. 

MeetEm is equal parts LinkedIn, MasterClass, Zoom and Netflix that requires no special software or apps to download due to its super advanced encrypted browser-based technology.  

Vetted Insiders and Advisors in the Business of Music, Sports, TV, Tech, Media, Marketing, & Finance can offer their expertise on MeetEm through a virtual pay-per-virtual system and charge a per-minute rate for access to them.  People looking to make connections, pitch business ideas or get expert advice can pay for access to these industry experts and meet with them in real-time virtually, giving them valuable insights into getting their businesses, projects, and ideas off the ground faster. 

In addition to serving as a way for expert advisors to monetize their expertise, MeetEm gives expert advisors and businesses access to a pipeline of quality leads.  The people coming to the community’s experts are eager to share their ideas and willing to pay experts for their time, which can translate to quality presentations and lucrative business deals. 

Howard Lee Gatch is the founder of  He wanted to create a platform that would merge the $800 billion consulting business and the $2 trillion entertainment & media business but give access to everyone with credible talent, ideas, and projects to become a part of it.  As a former entertainment industry executive with twenty years of experience, Gatch forged friendships and business relationships with many top executives, managers, producers and musicians in the entertainment industry.  The Meetem leadership team also includes experts in TV, professional sports, finance, technology, business law, and celebrity relations.  

In creating MeetEm, Gatch wanted to provide a way for businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and upstarts to access the people inside today’s most prominent industries to help them refine their ideas and potentially even land a business deal while not wasting the insiders time but actually paying them for it.  His also As MeetEm rapidly gains market traction and acceptance, Gatch and his team will initially focus on the entertainment industry then grow MeetEm to include experts across all sectors. The team will also build the brand’s capacity to include additional content such as virtual podcasts and blogs featuring expert advice and experience.

“Our platform is committed to giving people access to those previously inaccessible to them, such as seasoned business experts and professionals,” said Gatch. “These experts can help people shape their business ideas and listen to pitches while now being compensated for their limited time, valuable knowledge and virtual interactions during the process. No other platform exists on the market that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs looking to get themselves or their ideas off the ground and the experts, professionals, celebrities and advisors that can help them make their concepts a reality.”

MeetEm recently launched a private investment offering. The extremely promising new company is seeking investors for its Series A offering. Those interested in investing can acquire equity shares of the company for $0.50 per share for a limited time at

About MeetEm

MeetEm is the LinkedIn for pay-per-virtual meetings with expert advisors, executives, and professionals.  The innovative encrypted browser-based platform allows people to expand their knowledge, network, and business success by connecting with vetted experts in the $2 trillion entertainment industry, while expert advisors offering their expertise can monetize their time, experience, and insights. 

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