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“My clients have received sound advice from the experts on MeetEm. Being an affiliate has helped build my own credibility as an influencer working with entrepreneurs and music producers.” Sabrina M.

Sabrina M. Business Consultant

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Scott F Influencer

“MeetEm is a seamless experience from start to finish. The diverse knowledge across their elite experts and the easy all-in-one solution for all entrepreneurs, athletes, and musicians looking to get connected is extremely valuable.” Mike Q

Mike Q Marketer

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Frequently Asked Question

Promote 1-on-1 Virtual Meetings with:
1. Business Experts
2. Music Industry Executives
3. World-Champion Athletes
4. Famous Musical Artists
5. Private Equity Angel Investors

Our Affiliates program allows you earn money by referring visitors directly to, where they can easily and securely book 15 to 60 minute sessions with exclusively vetted and verified prominent & famous people. For each booking that
you refer, you will earn a 20% commission from gross sale amount.

As an influencer, editor, website owner, marketer, or blogger, you can sign up for free to our Affiliates program. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have immediate access to your marketing toolkit with tracking links, graphics, images, copywriting, and more advertising materials to help you promote virtual booking sessions. When your visitors click your referral links to book’s sessions with, you’ll earn a commission. At the end of each week, you’ll receive an electronic payment directly to your PayPal account with your full commission for the prior week

Only if you want but we’ve got you covered! You don’t need to be a graphic designer or website developer to use our advertising tools. Our toolkit offers simple to use links to expert sessions, popular categories and best category sellers, which you can use to promote across all your digital channels.

Currently our program is Invitation Only.

We offer a 120-day cookie for all our programs to give you plenty of time for sales conversions. For instance, if a referral doesn’t convert immediately, you can still earn a commission if s/he returns within 120 days. Additionally, we attribute sales based on the last click referred.

After signing up, you’ll get access to your very own dashboard with your unique and shareable affiliate link to use immediately. We use cookie tracking and your affiliate link to record clicks, new accounts, sales, and performance data. You also will have detailed accounting, analytics, and more in your private profile account.

We pay commissions weekly for verified sales from the previous week via directly to your PayPal account.

Deep linking is available, and it’s how an affiliate creates a link to a specific category, expert, athlete, executive, etc.. on the MeetEm website. Additionally, you can link to a web page, blog, or resource related to your content to increase relevance and conversion rates.

After you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to your account with inside information and marketing details about

Affiliate Marketing Text:

Instead of cold emails that get no reply. Meet Experts and Angel Investors who want to invest and give advice! is where MasterClass meets LinkedIn for Pay-Per-Virtual Meetings with Prominent People
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We put your foot in the door and give direct access to the top dogs, for advice and funding for yourself, your business or a new venture. is where you need to be! We provide direct, pay-pervirtual face-to-face meetings with some of the most experienced and successful professionals out there who have “been there – done that”!

Looking to get advice from some of the most successful people in business, funding, technology, entertainment, and media? is the site for you

We offer pay-per-virtual meetings with experts in their field so that you can get the advice and guidance you need to take your business to the next level.

Get the inside connections you need to take your business to the next level with pay-per-virtual meetings with successful & prominent experts on is the only site that offers pay-per-virtual meeting with successful & famous athletes, musical artists, experts, executives, and angel investors.

Get the advice and insights you need to take yourself or your business to the next level!